Big Bopper Slots

You may not be old enough to remember much – if anything at all – about the Fifties, but this was an era when music was arguably bigger than it is today. And the Big Bopper was a key part of that scene. Even if you aren’t old enough to remember, you may be familiar with the name. And if you’re not, you are about to find out a lot more about this character, who appears in this RTG slot.

Reels and lines in play

If you like games that work on the all ways pays format, this game is a good one to try as it provides 729 ways to win. It also has more reels than usual, with six of them in the frame.

What can you wager on Big Bopper?

The game doesn’t ask you to bet on all 729 win ways. Instead, it works out the bet as if you played 30 lines. That means you can bet from just 30 cents per spin, moving up as high as $7.50.

Special symbols in action

The Big Bopper had to appear here, and he acts as a substitute icon. He doesn’t appear on every reel though – only on reels two, three, four, and five. The scatter icon can’t be substituted by him, but everything else can be.

You also get no fewer than five scatters here. That sounds unusual, but they are letters and appear as B, O, P, E, and R. The idea is to try and spell BOPPER from the first reel over to the sixth reel if you can.

Are there bonus features here?

So, what do you get if you do spell BOPPER across the reels? The answer would normally be a bonus, but in this case, one of three options might be awarded. The first two are inspired by free spins, and there are different numbers available with different multipliers in each case. Watch out for Chantilly Lace free spins and White Lightnin’ free spins.

You could also get the Big Bopper bonus feature, which simply means you trigger a prize based on the triggering bet you placed. The biggest reward is a huge 250x your bet.

Download, play, and hopefully win prizes while playing Big Bopper today!

The best bit of the game, if you like Fifties music, is certainly the music that is provided to support the game. Mind you, you will also get the delight of playing for those bonuses!