Diamond Mine Slots

If this slot game name sounds familiar, it could be because there is also a sequel to this original title (called Diamond Mine Deluxe, if you are interested). This means you get double the fun if you like this and decide to give that one a try, too.

This is one of the classic slots in the RTG collection, and that might be enough to tempt you to give it a go. It even has the arm to pull whenever you want to spin those reels, although of course, in our case we must click buttons to begin.

Reels and lines in play

A classic game usually means three reels and a payline, and that is what you get here as well.

What can you wager on Diamond Mine?

There is a chance to wager one, two, or three of your selected coins on the payline here. Each coin can be as small as a five-cent coin, or as big as $5 in size.

Special symbols in action

You would expect to see diamonds in a slot by the name of Diamond Mine, and that’s the case here. Just one or two of these is worthy of a win, which is good to know.

The best prize is reserved for three golden dollar signs. The amount won here would depend on how many coins you decided to bet before you made that winning spin. You would get 800 coins for one coin, double that for two coins, or 2,500 coins for a three-coin wager.

Are there bonus features here?

No, RTG has decided to keep this game fairly simple and to forget about any chance to play a bonus feature. That is a shame, but it is also a common element in a three-reel game.

Download, play, and hopefully win prizes while playing Diamond Mine today!

Your first decision here is how many coins to play on each line. As you will see from the paytable, the bigger prizes are reserved for those playing three coins. They are usually given pro rata though, except for the jackpot, which is slightly bigger for playing three coins.

Mind you, there are slim odds of getting those three dollar signs. Does that mean this game is going to be better to play with just one coin? It’s up to you to figure out what might be best for you.