Dream Run Slots

Dream Run might suggest a slot game based around a sport… perhaps one involving running? Well, we were close at guessing a sporting theme, but it turns out this RTG slot game is based around racing. You can expect a good mix of symbols to reflect this, and there is enough here to attract the attention of anyone who likes a racing-themed slot game. Will that include you too?

Reels and lines in play

There are five reels involved in Dream Run, and you can wager your coins on 25 lines, too.

What can you wager on Dream Run?

With just one coin playable per line, you might be surprised to see a quarter-dollar maximum coin amount in play. The smallest is the one-cent coin.

Special symbols in action

You don't get one wild here, you get two. The first is a racer and appears only on reel one. It stands in for everything except the lights icon. It also brings with it a x3 multiplier if it helps you win a prize.

The other substitute in use is the opponent, which can appear on reels two, three, four, and five. This also substitutes for everything used in Dream Racer apart from those lights, but this time the wild doesn't have a multiplier value.

And if you guessed the lights might just be a scatter symbol, you guessed right. They can change color too, from red to green. If you find at least two on the reels, wait and see which color they appear as. Two or more greens will secure a prize for you.

Are there bonus features here?

You can play the Dream Run Racing Feature if you can find three or more green scattered lights in a spin. Select a car and race against the competition to win free games. Your position will determine how many games you get, with 25 up for grabs for first place, and five given for last place.

However, a finishing position in the top three means the race will be run again. This time, you get to play for a multiplier to use in the free spins. Could you secure something worth between x5 and a huge x100?

Download, play, and hopefully win prizes while playing Dream Run today!

Dream Run might look like a regular racing slot, but it is anything but. Check it out now and race for those prizes.