Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Is this game going to get you hot under the collar? Plenty of titles have a 'triple' theme going on now, but is this one going to be a fiery success or nothing of the sort?

We have Real Time Gaming to thank for this title, which looks positive to start with. So, let's see what they have included in the game, so we can figure out what the odds are of winning.

Reels and lines in play

You get three reels in action here, and you would guess correctly if you assumed that meant there was just one line to bet on.

What can you wager on Triple 7 Inferno?

Up to three coins can be used per spin. Each coin ranges from five cents to $5.

Special symbols in action

You wouldn't expect to see a scatter symbol in a three-reel game, but we do occasionally get the benefit of a wild. That is not true of this slot though, which is unfortunate.

One unusual feature in this game is the presence of a blank space. Are you looking blank now? Well, there is a reason why it is good to watch out for three blank spaces, because you can win something if no icons appear on the payline.

The interesting thing about Triple 7s Inferno is the presence of three combos that only pay out when two or three coins are placed on the payline. This is a line of mixed sevens, three red sevens, or the jackpot, which is three fiery sevens coming towards you. The best bet here is three coins to win the jackpot of 1,000 coins. We thought that was quite low for the game.

Are there bonus features here?

No, nothing is provided in terms of a bonus.

Download, play, and hopefully win prizes while playing Triple 7 Inferno today!

There are some cool 'triple' themed games online today, but there are some that don't quite hit the mark either. This one is good, but it is not among our favorites. It doesn't mean you won't love it, of course, but if you take the time to try it out, we would recommend playing with three coins if you can. You can see why this is a good idea when you look at the paytable. Triple 7s Inferno awaits… and you can play it today.